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Provide seamless connections between the centrifugal casting process and the centrifugal casting equipment.

Integrated Solutions

Solving difficult centrifugal casting problems while supporting centrifugal machine utilizations and manufacturing can be a daunting experience. As a result, more and more centrifugal casting producers and machine-makers are turning to Centrifugal Casting Technology & Mold to assist them in integrating their centrifugal casting technology and machinery applications or manufacturing. You define your needs; we design the solution to satisfy them.

Process and Equipment

  • A good process needs a proper machine to realize.

  • A good machine cannot guarantee sound castings without a matching process.

  • It takes both good processes and good machines to make sound castings quickly, cheaply and reliably.

  • A good, smooth spinning mold is also a key element in quality centrifugal castings.